• How to Get Rid of Static Cling in Clothes

by Milan Balaban

Static clinging can be a hinderance on your confidence. Here are some useful tips to help you get rid of static cling from clothes.

1. Prevent Static Cling with Safety Pin

To dispel any static charge, tuck a safety pin on the inner hem of your clothes. Being made up of metal, a safety pin discharges the static cling in your dress, and works as a grounding device. Apart from this, follow this remedy while using a dryer.

2. Use Damp Towel

When clothes rub against each other in the dryer, they produce static charge. Placing a damp towel or cloth inside the dryer and drying at lowest heat setting will decrease the chances of producing static electricity.

3. Hang Dry

Make your own clothes line or get a hanging rack to dry your clothes somewhere outside where the sunlight and air could dry your garments. After washing the clothes, hang them on such clothes lines. This way clothes will not rub against each other to produce static electricity.

4. Wash Synthetic Fabrics Separately

Fabrics like nylon and polyester must be washed and dried separately as they are the main culprits of static electricity. When these are washed separately they won’t charge up any other garment; and thus, static cling will not develop at all.

5. Homemade Fabric Softener

Utilizing vinegar is an effective way to soften your fabric and reduce static charge in the laundry as well. Make use of vinegar while washing clothes. Add it at the time of rinse cycle. The strong smell of vinegar will vanish automatically once the clothes dry.

  • Another way to try the same tactic is – spray some vinegar on a piece of washcloth and put it in in the dryer along with the other garments. This will cut down the chances of static electricity. The vinegar smell will diffuse away after the clothes get dry.

6. Soap Nuts

Put some soap nut berries in muslin cloth and toss them in the washing machine along with the other clothes. They are packed with saponins that are a natural surfactant. In addition, when soap nuts are washed along with all other clothes all the static charge gets absorbed and clothes become charge free due to the anti-static properties.

7. Aluminum Ball

Roll an aluminum sheet into a ball shape and add it to the dryer along with clothes. This will absorb all the static cling and keep the clothes free from it. It is a really effective trick to prevent the development of static charge in clothes.

8. Metal Hanger

Slip clothes having the static charge through a metal hanger. When clothes will not be rubbed against each other, they will fail to produce any static electricity.

  • Moreover, you can also run the wire hanger over the dress you are wearing.

9. Wool Dryer Balls

These little balls absorb the moisture from the clothes in the dryer and help maintain a more humid environment; and as a result, diminish static electricity. To keep your clothes separated from each other and charge free, place a few such balls in the machine.

10. Moisturizing Lotion

Rub some moisturizing lotion over your hands and legs before wearing nylon and synthetic clothes to avoid static cling. It moistens the skin surface and averts clothes from sticking to your skin.

11. Humidifier

Make use of humidifier to avoid the generation of static cling in the dry atmosphere. This will dampen the environment; and thus, your garments will not stick to each other due to dryness in the surrounding.

12. Hair Spray

Make use of hair spray instead of water to set your hair, it will also assist in avoiding the problem of static cling.

  • Alternatively, sprays that can keep the static down are also available on the stores. Such static sprays increase hygroscopic (humidity-attracting) substance which, in turn, neutralizes the electrical charges.

13. Damp Rag

Put a piece of damp rag in the dryer at the end of dryer cycle. It will absorb all the moisture from clothes, but still keep the environment of dryer moist; and thus, diminish static charge.

14. Dryer Sheets

Keep some dryer sheets handy, and rub them whenever clothes stick to each other or to the body. This is an instant quick fix for those who are exasperated with clinging garments, as it reduces the effect of static electricity.

15. Touch Grounded Metal

Touch any grounded metal like water pipes, or lamppost, or a spoon to dissipate the static electricity from your clothes and hair. As metal is a good conductor of electricity, all the charge will move towards metal; and thus, make you free from the sudden minor shocks of static charge.

16. Tennis Ball

Throw a tennis ball in the dryer and let it churn along with other clothes. This method is very effective in absorbing all the static charge from the garments that occur due to dryness.


  • Instead of rubber soled shoes, wear leather shoes.
  • If possible have humidifier in the laundry room to keep the air moist.
  • Spray fine mist of distilled water on clothing after it comes out of the dryer.
  • Use wooden or rubber combs instead of plastic ones.
  • Dry the clothes where direct sunlight approaches, instead of dryer.


  • Do not over dry the clothes completely, as this may increase the static electricity in clothes.

Milan Balaban
Milan Balaban


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