Erbario Toscano

Born over 59 
years ago in a magical scene in Tuscany, the first Erbario Toscano store
opened in 1957 in Lucca. 

Erbario Toscano is known worldwide by devotees of the Tuscan style. Its products for body and hair care, perfumes and home fragrances, are witnesses of the authenticity of a region that is in touch with the everyday life of those who live elsewhere. 

Naturalness and quality are the main ingredients of the philosophy of Erbario Toscano. The same environment from which inspiration is drawn and that becomes the essence of each fragrances, is treasured and respected. The most modern production technologies and quality control enhance the naturalness of an assortment where everything is “genuine”, not tested on animals and packaged using recyclable materials. The production also retains a “family” and “creative” dimension that makes each product unique and inimitable. Refined, in their extreme “craft” simplicity, Erbario Toscano products, suspended between art and beauty. The rediscovery of ancient traditions without overlooking innovation has allowed Erbario Toscano to star in the best showcases around the world.

“Creating perfumes for me is like going on a journey, a journey full of memories to share and emotions to evoke.” 

The words of Egisto Bertozzi – olfactory designer and owner of the company – reveal the source that gave rise to the Erbario Toscano philosophy, where the family heritage is grafted to his innate sensitivity to breathe the scents of life.

Memories and scents, innovation and research have always been the great companions of Erbario Toscano’s orchestra director. Tuscany, thanks to the insights of Egisto, becomes a place of the spirit because one’s eyes are not enough to enjoy the immensity of its landscape. It also takes deep affection, sentiment he never forgets during his travels, to discover new fragrances, trying to combine the strength of sensory stimuli of his land with his intense olfactory memory.

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