Neck & Shoulder Wrap - LOVEwrap - Natural

Hunki Dori - Peacegoods

Does your achy body need a little love?  Soothe yourself with the warm touch of a LOVEwrap.

  • Cherries + Soothing Warmth = Love
  • The LOVEwrap is filled with all natural, cleaned and dried Michigan cherry pits which are known for their ability to hold heat longer than other traditional fills.  Lightweight and unscented.
  • Our unique, sectional design assists in retaining and distributing heat more evenly. The LOVEwrap is divided into six 4" x 4" sections, that have been filled individually. The sections allow a more balanced distribution of the fill and prevents it from accumulating in one area, especially near the collar bone.
  • Warm in microwave or cool in refrigerator to soothe tight muscles and aid in healing.
  • The cherry pits are soft and lightweight (similar to Pistachios).  Total weight of LOVEwrap: 16 oz
  • 4" x 23"   Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Type: Wellness

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