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We love to partner with influencers, writers, and content creators who can help bridge the gap between our celebration of extraordinary art of living and the right audience. Are you genuinely interested about our content, but would also contribute AND like our articles enough to share them with your friends? If so, please get in touch!

How it works

  • We are a fully independent news publisher; all of our content is fueled and curated by the people, for the people. Writers are compensated based on a meritocratic system — the more views they get, the more they earn.

  • Our contributors are paid for sharing content and articles on topics they would have already potentially shared based on their own interests. Our network essentially serve as your database, where you can quickly filter through articles based on category or keywords, and easily find the perfect one to share with your social network.

  • Flexibility: There is no commitment required. You have complete freedom to choose which articles you want to share, and can share as often or as little as you like.

  • Organic Content: While you may invited to review products from time to time, most of our posts contain no sponsored content or advertorials.

  • You are never forced to share anything you don't believe in.

Compensation is based on:

  • Number and success of articles shared, where success is defined as number of readers actually reading the articles shared.
  • Type of topics and categories.
  • Validation of traffic quality.
Overall, the compensation is performance-based. Please complete this form to be considered. We'll be in touch with our approval or for an interview upon receipt.