Inspired Atelier Brand Partner Membership

Automate the workflow of connecting with retailers and end-consumers alike. As a Brand Partner Member, we're here to expand your market for you:

    Your Membership Includes
    • FEATURED BRAND SPOTLIGHT | Your collection will be permanently featured in a special section 
    • COLLECTIONS MANAGEMENT | We look after your products, styles & collections
    • BRAND ADVISORY | Experts feedback and advice on how to grow, always upon request
    • PR & SOCIAL MEDIA | Inclusions in pitches and social media campaigns + Brand/product introduction & promotions to subscribers
    • SALES | We serve as your referrals manager and will share updates on which retailers stock your products whenever we have updates
    • ORDER MANAGEMENT | Simply focus on what you do best and we will interface with customers for you with the utmost care!
    • ACCOUNTING | Invoice and payment infrastructure
    • MARKET INTELLIGENCE 'Who's Looking At You' updates
    • SOCIAL MEDIA | Brand/product introduction & promotions to subscribers
    • EMAIL NEWSLETTERS | Dedicated designer spotlight features

    One-Time Set-up

    White-Glove Service  | $300.00 up to 30 SKUs 
    There's no need to lift a finger! We do all the programming for you. Just send us your line sheet, high-res product images, lookbook(s), training guides, and press materials. If you're new to all this, we are happy to help you along the way. Have 50+ SKUs? Pay only +$5 per 10 SKUs.

    Membership Fee
    • It takes time to gain traction; Your 1-year commitment is required
    • Monthly Due: $80/month or (discounted rate) of $900/year