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Inspired Atelier Brand Partnership Terms & Conditions


This Section outlines specific policies and procedures for Partners participating in Inspired Atelier's social commerce Drop Ship Consignment program.

    • Each drop-ship Partner is expected to satisfy all of the requirements outlined in this Section (as well as other Sections within this Manual) when shipping merchandise direct to Inspired Atelier’s customers.
    • Deliveries will be audited to ensure the requirements listed in this manual are being met. Any non-compliance may result in Partner deductions (chargebacks) to recover additional costs associated with dropping below service level standards; misbillings, incorrect shipments, and damaged merchandise and/or termination of the relationship.
    • If after consulting this Section, you have questions regarding the requirements, please contact us at hello@InspiredAtelier.com.



  1. Partner hereby covenants, represents and warrants that the product descriptions, knowledge sheets, feature/benefit information, photography, images, video animation, or interactive media, graphics, audio, website addresses and other content (collectively, “Product Content”) furnished by Partner to Inspired Atelier for any merchandise displayed on websites relating to Inspired Atelier ’s programs shall be accurate, complete, and comply with all relevant laws – including, but not be limited to: (i) all existing laws, regulations, standards, orders, rulings, rules and guides of all United States federal, state and local governments (and all departments, boards, bureaus and commissions thereof), including, but not limited to the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act and regulations relating to statement of fiber content of rayon, wool, linens, and other textiles contained in such Merchandise, the Wool Products Labeling Act, the Care Labeling Rule, the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act, the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, and the Fur Products Labeling Act; and (ii) the laws, regulations and rules of all countries in which merchandise is produced or delivered.
  2. Partner hereby grants to Inspired Atelier, a non-exclusive, gratis license to use the Product Content furnished by Partner to Inspired Atelier in any advertisement or display of the merchandise, including, but not limited to, on any of the websites relating to Inspired Atelier's e-commerce programs.
  3. Partner hereby covenants, represents and warrants that Partner is the sole owner and copyright proprietor of the Product Content furnished by Partner to Inspired Atelier, that Partner is free to grant Inspired Atelier all rights hereunder, and that Partner possesses all rights to the Product Content necessary for the grant of the license provided for herein. Partner further covenants, represents and warrants that the Product Content furnished by Partner to Inspired Atelier shall not infringe or encroach upon the contractual or proprietary rights of any other person, firm or corporation, including without limitation, the designs, design patents, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, copyrights, rights of privacy and publicity, trade secrets and other proprietary intellectual property rights of any third party. If, at any time during the term of this Agreement, in the event Partner no longer has the necessary rights with respect to any of the Product Content for use as described herein, Partner shall provide Inspired Atelier with immediate written notice and Inspired Atelier will use its commercially reasonable efforts to discontinue any use objected to by Partner as soon as reasonably practicable. For purposes of clarification, Inspired Atelier shall not be obligated to use any portion of the Product Content provided by Partner to Inspired Atelier.
  4. Partner shall provide customer friendly selling features, detailed product information, and/or high-resolution images for items that will be sold on Inspired Atelier.
  5. Partner must submit samples if image/s of the product/s is not available and work with respective merchant contacts in the event a sample needs to be provided to Inspired Atelier.


    • Partner will provide product fulfillment for customer orders placed for the merchandise SKUs set up under this program.
    • Partner is not involved in the actual sales transaction between Inspired Atelier and its customers.
    • Partner’s manufacturing and distribution facilities shall be transparent in the packing slip and shipping process (i.e. each package sent to the Customer will appear to have come from Inspired Atelier directly).


    • Unless pre-arranged otherwise, Partner must use UPS shipping services and must ship Customer orders using Inspired Atelier’s UPS shipping account number which will be provided as a part of setup.
      • Partner must ship Customer orders (including parts orders) within 2 business days upon acceptance of the order or cancel.
      • Partner is required to send FUNCTIONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT upon receipt of a Customer order.
      • Partners are required to confirm in the system and send a SHIP CONFIRM message to hello@InspiredAtelier.com once the product is shipped. On this message, Partner will need to add shipment date, tracking number, and shipment method.
      • Partners are required to send an ORDER CANCELLED message to hello@InspiredAtelier.com if Partner is unable to fill all lines on the Customer order.
      • Orders received daily between 4 pm and 11:59 pm local time will start the 2-day shipping service on the following business day, as day 1. “Business day” is defined as Monday through Friday, non-national holiday.
      • Partner is allowed to ship with an upgraded service to ensure the 14-day Customer expectation is being met for Customer orders that have selected standard ground ship- method for delivery.
      • Partner is required to ship to meet the 14-day expectation at Partner’s cost. Inspired Atelier will not pay for any unauthorized shipping cost upgrades.
      • Partner must maintain a satisfactory fill-rate on Customer orders. Fill-rate on accepted Customer orders will be reviewed regularly. Inspired Atelier is “fill or cancel” at total Partner Customer order level for all Customer orde, s. For example if the Customer order has 2 Partner items, and 1 Partner item is out of stock, the entire Customer order must be cancelled per Partner unable to ship both lines of the order.
      • Partner will receive a charge-back if a Customer purchase is not shipped to the correct ship-to destination noted on the order.
      • Partner must use Inspired Atelier packing slips exclusively in order fulfillment. Collateral or marketing materials in the package (Product info, warranties, instructions manuals, etc. are acceptable with Inspired Atelier's approval).


        • Packing material must be used to secure and ensure products ship undamaged to Customer. Plain brown over-wrap corrugates, and other packaging material to secure product may also be used.
        • A packing slip will be sent to you with each order. Please print and enclose the official Inspired Atelier documents with each order.


        • Upon receipt of SHIP CONFIRM message, an Order Request, Packing Slip and PAYMENT will also be sent to you from Superego Management LLC, parent company of Inspired Atelier.
        • Please set up a paypal account with your Facilitator or advise if you’d prefer a monthly check for payment.
        • Unless otherwise pre-arranged, Inspired Atelier’s agency fee of 50% will be deducted for each product sold.


        • While returns will be STRONGLY DISCOURAGED, reasonable return requests from a Inspired Atelier Customer must be processed within 2 business days.
        • Partner must send a RETURN NOTIFICATION to Facilitator the same day the Customer return is processed. Inspired Atelier will self-invoice for the cost of the item/s returned and bill Partner back the item/s cost returned.
        • Returns require a valid RETURN REASON as indicated by Customer (via selected return reason defined on packing slips) and will be reviewed weekly.
        • The Customer must prepay for all returns for Inspired Atelier will not issue refunds for shipping costs.
        • Returns from Inspired Atelier are expected to be processed the same as if direct from Customer.
        • Inspired Atelier will not be held financially responsible for orders and/or product that are lost, damaged, mis-shipped, mis-billed and/or shorted.


        • Partner is expected to cooperate in good faith with Inspired Atelier to resolve any customer service related issues with drop ship orders and/or returns. Partner is expected to reply to Inspired Atelier within 24 business hours of first inquiry regarding customer service issues and continues to be responsive until customer service issue is resolved.


        In addition to Indemnification agreement signed by Partner and any other indemnification obligations agreed to herein, Partner agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Inspired Atelier, its parent and affiliates, and their officers, directors and employees harmless from any claim, liability, loss, damage or expense, including attorneys' fees, which arises, grows out of, results from, or is based on (i) any claim of (a) unlawfulness, (b) infringement of any proprietary or intellectual property rights including without limitation claims related to the “Product Content”, (c) unfair competition or (d) unfair or deceptive trade practices in connection with the Product Content furnished by Partner to Inspired Atelier; (ii) any claim of negligence, recklessness or willful misconduct on the part of Company; (iii) any breach of this Drop-Ship Partner Agreement with Facilitator; or (iv) any other claim related to Company’s participation and performance (or failure to perform, as the case may be) under Inspired Atelier’s e-commerce drop-ship program.

        SuperEgo Management LLC
        d.b.a. Inspired Atelier
        401 Park Ave S, 10th FL
        New York NY 10016