24H Face Biocomplex Face Cream

Erbario Toscano

A quickly absorbed light textured treatment , moisturizes and protects the skin for a fresh, smooth and uniform look. Treats and prevents the typical signs of dehydration caused by chemical factors (make-up, surfactants) and the weather (cold, wind, humidity), such as flaking and dryness. Ideal in cases of dehydration.

Apply daily morning and evening on cleansed dry skin. It is an excellent base for make-up and can be used as an intensive moisturizing night treatment promoting the natural cell regeneration process, favouring the skin’s physiological functions.

3R BIOCOMPLEX a blend containing extracts of 3 organic Roses (Rose Hip, Damask and Centifolia). Favours the correct hydro-lipid balance of the skin for greater elasticity and softness, protects the skin from external aggressions and physiological aging;

HYALURONIC ACID is an important substance that forms part of the dermis. Thanks to its ability to bind water in the intercellular spaces of the dermis it confers elasticity and hydration to the skin;

CENTIFOLIA ROSE STEM CELLS Obtained thanks to an advanced technology that preserves the environment and biodiversity. Maintains the proper moisture levels and limits trans-dermal evaporation. Restores the natural elements of the skin’s barrier, reducing dry skin and providing greater elasticity and softness.

MINERAL DUST PROTECTION (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) Acts as a solar filter that refracts UVA radiation responsible for photo-aging and UVB responsible for photo-erythemas, preventing harmful effects. The soothing and decongestant properties are due to their ability to form a protective barrier on the skin, that helps prevent irritations and redness.

Nourishes and moisturizes and, thanks to its soothing and rejuvenating activities, it is the ideal restorative treatment after sports activities sun exposure. It can be used daily after bathing or showering to ensure a velvety, smooth and elastic skin. The fragrance of the Rose, with its delicate and soothing scented notes gives an moment of daily well being and relaxation daily.

  • no-parabeni-green-eng OK
  • 1.69 fL Oz

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