Bambu Baby Bamboo Feeding Bowl


When it comes time to feed your baby, the last thing youwant is to expose him or her to toxic chemicals that lurk inside of many kindsof plastic. Make the switch from chemical-laden plastic dinnerware to the BambuBaby Bamboo Feeding Bowl.

Rather than being made of plastic, this attractive dinnerbowl is crafted from certified organic bamboo wood. Like plastic, the wood canstand up to being bumped and dropped without cracking or shattering the wayglass can. The feeding bowl is completely phthalates and BPA free and is madefrom sustainable bamboo that is harvested only 3 to 5 years and grown withoutthe use of pesticides.

Measuring 4 inches in diameter, the Bambu Baby BambooFeeding Bowl was designed with little hands in mind. Its ergonomic, taperedshape is easy for your little one to grasp and big enough to hold a typicalchild's size portion. The bowl is tested and approved  as meeting US code CFR Title 16, assuring its safety foryour baby.

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