Bambu Bamboo Slotted Spoon - 2 pack


Slotted spoons are perfect for a number of tasks in your kitchen, but few slotted spoons can boast having as many useful features as the Bambu Bamboo Slotted Spoons. These spoons are the only ones of their kind that have a Give It a Rest handle, which has a spoon rest fashioned right into its design. The handle is easy to grip when you're using the spoon, and, once you're finished with the utensil, will keep it lifted off your counter surface to cut down on messes.

Bambu Bamboo Slotted Spoons are made from sustainable, renewable bamboo that is certified as organic due to the pesticide-free growing practices used to produce it. Bamboo wood is strong enough to be used on a daily basis without showing wear and temperature resistant, so it will not melt in hot soups and stews the way plastic can. Unlike metal utensils, bamboo does not conduct heat and become dangerously hot when left inside of a pot on the stove, and it will not scratch your cooking surfaces.

2 Pack.

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