Bambu Bamboo Spork - 4 pack


Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic flatware to place in your child's lunchbox, keep at your desk or store inside of your handbag or travel case? If so, the Bambu Bamboo Spork is just what you need to be able to eat on the go and feel good about taking care of the environment.

The Bambu Bamboo Spork is made of renewable, sustainable bamboo. The wood is certified as organic and incredibly lightweight so it won't weigh down your purse or suitcase when you're on the go. Free of chemical finishes and formaldehyde-based adhesives, the sporks are safer for your family to use than plastic and don't use up natural resources like metal flatware.

Not only is the Bambu Bamboo Spork friendly to the environment, but it also features a revolutionary design. On one end of the spork is a round spoon end, while on the other, there is a fork. This two-headed design means you'll only ever need one of the 3-1/2-inch sporks with you to eat anything while on your travels. This set includes four sporks.

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