Bambu Bamboo Spork Case


The Bambu Bamboo Spork Counter Display Set is ideal for a wide variety of businesses. For cafes and delis that specialize in takeout, customers are sure to love having the option to purchase a Bambu Bamboo Spork that they can eat on the go with and then wash and reuse again and again. For retailers that specialize in kitchen supplies, gourmet foods or environmentally friendly and sustainable products, the sporks are sure to please and amaze your customers. This counter display is colorful and eye-catching and pictorially highlights some of the sporks' biggest selling points.

Each of the Bambu Bamboo Spork Counter Display Sets comes with 20 bamboo sporks. One of the best selling products from sustainable kitchen utensil manufacturer Bambu, the sporks measures 3-1/2 inches in length and are designed for eating on the go. The bamboo used in the fabrication of the sporks is certified as organic and harvested through environmentally responsible, sustainable practices. The sporks are free of chemical dyes, adhesives and synthetic varnishes.

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