Bambu Bamboo Tongs, large, 12" length


What could be better than one set of eco-friendly, durable kitchen tongs? Two sets--that's what!

This set includes one set of Bambu Bamboo Tongs, the eco-friendly substitute for traditional wooden and metal tongs. The tongs are made from bamboo, which is renewable, unlike metal, and harvested through sustainable methods, unlike many hardwood varieties. In addition, the bamboo has genuine organic certification, guaranteeing that it was not exposed to chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers during growing.

Bamboo is ideal for use in kitchen tongs and creates a sturdy, durable utensil that you can use again and again for years. The plant-based fibers don't readily conduct heat, making them perfect for using at the grill. The texture of the bamboo easily glides against metal, so the tongs won't scratch your cookware. Anti-bacterial and stain resistant, bamboo is easy to clean with ordinary soap and water as well. These tongs measure 12 inches in length and are free of dyes, synthetic varnishes, paints and formaldehyde-laden adhesives.

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