Bambu Medium Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board


When you reach for a cutting board while you're preparing meals, you're likely thinking about how its surface will protect your counter tops and not whether or not you need to protect your family from the cutting board; however, cutting boards are potential sources for both bacterial and chemical contamination. Ordinary wooden cutting boards can harbor bacteria that lead to food-borne illnesses, while plastic cutting boards may be laden with BPA, phthalates and other known toxins.

The Bambu Medium Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board was designed as a plastic cutting board alternative and a wooden cutting board replacement. Unlike ordinary hardwood, bamboo is anti-bacterial, so it prevents bacteria from colonizing on its surface. As a natural, certified organic plant-based material, bamboo also does not expose your family to chemicals the way plastic can. This attractive sustainable bamboo cutting board measures 10 inches in length by 7 inches in width and is perfect not only for food preparation, but also for serving.

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