Bois 1920 Verde Mare Perfume

Bois 1920

Italian perfume house Bois (pronounced "boyce") 1920 was founded in 1920 by Guido Galardi. Galardi's first formulas were based around the lavender collected from the hillsides surrounding Florence. The original company was short-lived, closing its doors in 1925. The company was resurrected by Enzo Galardi in 2005, who found his creative outlet in reinterpreting the fragrances created by his family.

A fragrance that talks about overseas lands, characterized by a sophisticated citrus accord.

The iced and salty pureness of the unedited Marine Ozonic Accord wraps in bouquet of Superessence Rose and Geranium spotted with accents of Damascena Rose and Lily of the Valley.

The dry down is a union of Precious Woods, Vanilla and soft musk notes.

Olfactory Pyramid

Lemon, Bigarade, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Lime, Galbanum, Pepper Neo JE™, Juniper Berries,
Pescagreen™, Verbetryle™, Betahydrane™, Figolide™

Marine Ozonic Accord Rose Superessence, Damascena Rose, Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Blackcurrant Nat Neo JE™, Red Seaweed Pure JE™, Marine Seaweed Abs, Black Tea Extract, Petitgrain, Clove Buds,
Bigarane™, Mugane™, Tropicalone™

Dry down:
Precious Woods Accord, Cistus, Vanilla, Green Maté Abs, Musk Accord, Evee™, Santamanol, Ambramone, Lorenox™, Orcanox™

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