Award Winning Medium Roast TieGuanYin Oolong Tea 鐵觀音

Mountain Tea

2012 NATC - Traditional TieGuanYin Category - 1st Place

TieGuanYin, translated as “Iron Goddess of Mercy,” is a tea with legendary roots.  Tea made from this cultivar’s leaf boasts a flavor that is unique and varied.  Some sommeliers claim to detect a faint pine flavor, while others describe a tingling sensation in the mouthfeel as the defining feature of the cultivar.  In either case, TieGuanYin is fast gaining popularity in the West as a loose-leaf favorite.

Admire the handsome qualities of this tea; the leaf is a deep forest green with red tinges along the edge and on the stem, indicating oxidization beyond green oolong, yet far from dark oolong.  The greenness of the leaf indicates a masterful roast.  Taste TieGuanYin’s characteristic piney note and tingling mouthfeel, along with the roast-imparted cinnamon cookie flavor that is sure to please even the most particular tea enthusiast.

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