Culti Decor Candles 1200 grams

Culti Milano

A pure blend of waxes to renew every day the pleasure of an ancient rite.  The jar in frosted glass with jacquard fabric label and the mocha colours and essential lines of the packaging echo the simple design of the entire CULTI DECOR collection.

All vegetable and natural wax scented candle, 1200 grams.

Burn Time: 400 Hours plus

Available in:

Mediterranea- Woody | Orange, Lemon and Lentisk

Assoloato- Floral | Neroli, Orange Blossom and Vanilla

The- Floral | Sencha Tea, Bergamot and Various Types of Wood

Fiori Bianchi- Floral | Lily-Of-The-Valley, Jasmine And Rose

Linfa- Floral | White Currant and Cedar Wood

Mareminerale- Aromatic| Sea, Sap And Mineral Musk Chord

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