Dr. Jon's Gold Label Aftershave Tonic


Dr. Jon's Gold Label Aftershave Tonic is the perfect match for Dr. Jon's Gold Label Shaving Soap or an accent to any earthy scented shave soap you have in your den.  Dr. Jon's Gold Label is available now for a limited release until April 11th and will ship on April 16th.

Gold Label is a slightly more traditional entry in the world of tobacco based scents, there is nothing sweet or fruity about this scent. Our Gold Label brings together deeper, spicier fragrances to make a long lasting and earthy scent. Gold Label is made with a house blend of Tobacco, Neroli, Leather, Amber, Evergreen and Clary Sage.

While most commercial aftershaves are either loaded with chemicals or just fragrance and alcohol, which dries out your skin, our Aftershave Tonics are just good stuff that's good for you.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch  Hazel,  Rose Water, Fragrance, Aloe, Menthol, Alum.

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