e-cloth Laundry Bag


After your e-Cloth cleaning cloths have been put to good usecleaning your kitchen and every other room in your house, you can use thishandy laundry bag to get them clean once again. The mesh laundry bag measures11 inches by 15 inches in size. The bag is designed to hold up to 10 standarde-Cloth cleaning cloths that measure 12.5 by 12.5 inches in size. Once you'vefilled the bag, you can pull the zipper closed and then toss it into thelaundry. Wash the clothes along with your ordinary washing, but be sure not touse bleach or fabric softener.

 The e-Cloth Laundry Bag is perfect for use with e-Clothcleaning cloths that are heavily soiled, as they'll keep the mess contained andaway from your other clothes. The bag also helps cut down on the wear and tearon the cloths that can be caused by the washing machine and prevents them frombecoming covered in lint from other clothing. Still, it is best to laundere-Cloths with sheets and fabrics that produce only a small amount of lint.

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