e-cloth Range & Stovetop Cloth


Cleaning ranges and stovetops after preparing a meal can be one of the hardest kitchen cleaning tasks, particularly when food has become baked or burned onto the burners or grease has splattered on the range. Traditionally, it's been necessary to use harsh chemical cleaners to tackle messy stovetops and ranges, but with the revolutionary Range & Stovetop Cloth, you can handle even the dirtiest appliances with nothing but plain water!

 The e-Cloth Range & Stovetop Cloth is composed of a blend of polyester and polyamine woven from tiny fibers that are 1/200th of the size of a human hair. The 12.5 inch by 12.5 inch cloth has 1.6 million of these fibers packed into each square inch of material for maximum cleaning power. Plus, the cloth features special scrubbing stripes that are incredibly effective at lifting away baked-on food.

 After you're finished cleaning your stove with the eCloth Range & Stovetop Cloth, you can toss the cloth right into the washing machine for laundering. The cloth is designed to withstand up to 300 washings.


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