e-cloth Range & Stovetop Pack


If dread over the thought of cleaning up later makes you cringe every time you switch on the burner or ignite your stove, you need to discover the e-Cloth Range & Stovetop Pack. The pair of cloths contained in this money-saving kit will make the backbreaking work of cleaning your range or stovetop a thing of the past.

When it's time to clean up, start by using the Range & Stovetop cloth, which is made form a sophisticates polyester-polyamine blend that allows you to clean even burned-on food with plain water. The cloth is 12.5 inches in width by 12.5 inches in length and outfitted with special scrubbing stripes to simplify cleaning. Not only does the cloth remove oil splatters, spaghetti sauce and other tough stains, but it also eliminates up to 99 percent of bacteria.

After you've eliminated food, grease and grime from the stove area, you can complete the cleaning with the Finishing Cloth. This 18 inch by 15.5 inch cloth polishes enamel, stainless steel and ceramics to give it that perfect, gleaming shine. Both cloths are machine washable.


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