e-Cloth Screen Cleaning Pack


The Screen Cleaning Pack was developed by e-Cloth to not only make it easy to eliminate fingerprints, smudges and smears from the screens of your computers, personal electronics, televisions and more, but also to make these products require cleaning less frequently.

One key part to the Screen Cleaning Pack is the e-Cloth Screen Cleaning Cloth, which uses microscopic fibers to trap the oil and debris that make your screen look grimy. By just applying gentle pressure, you can quickly have your screen looking spotless so that it's easier to see and use.

Once you've got your screen in tip-top shape, you can keep its appearance smudge and fingerprint-free for longer by applying the CleanSafe screen spray included in the kit. This spray leaves behind an extremely thin protective layer on the screen that is not noticeable to the naked eye, but makes it resistant to soiling. Safe for LCD, LED, HD and plasma screens, the screen spray is also free of the harmful chemicals that are found in other screen cleaners.

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