Eco Lunch Bag with 3 napkins

Eco Lunchbox

Did you know that a paper bag requires twice as much energy to produce as a plastic one? This means that not only do paper bags result in deforestation, but they also use more non-renewable resources than you think! Fortunately, you don't have to switch back to chemical-laden, non-biodegradable plastic lunch bag to avoid using paper and consuming valuable resources. Eco Lunch Bags are free of paper and plastic, making them the ultimate green way to carry your lunch to work or school.

The eco-friendly lunch bags are made from block-printed fabric, which is created by Indian artisans in ethical workshops, not in an overseas sweatshop like the cloth lunchbags that you find in big box stores. The lunch bags are available in assorted colors and can be carried as a purse or backpack. Each colorful, environmentally-friendly lunch bag comes with three matching cloth napkins, convenient, green alternatives to paper napkins. The bags measure 12 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches in size, giving you plenty of room to pack a complete, nutritious lunch.

  • Traditional block printed designs made by Indian artisans
  • Versatile, reversible, and machine washable
  • Suits boys and girls by converting between a backpack and a purse
  • Includes 3 matching napkins

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