Fit & Fresh Kids 1 Cup Chill Container

Fit & Fresh

When you pack parts of your kids' lunch in a plastic sandwich bag, you may be making a dangerous mistake. For one thing, most sandwich bags contain BPA, a chemical that has been proven to disrupt the normal hormonal balances in babies and kids. In addition, these bags provide no insulation, so fruits, cheese and other items might begin to spoil before lunch arrives.


To protect your kids from illness both now and in the future, pack cold foods in the Fit & Fresh Kids 1 Cup Chill Container! Safer than plastic bags in every way, this 1-cup container is completely free of BPA and other toxins. A removable ice pack will keep the contents icy cold after being frozen in the freezer. The cup also allows you to control portion size because it has measurement markings on the side! The lid fits on tightly to prevent leaks.


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