Fragranza Suprema Esperidati W Perfume

Nobile 1942

The positive power of citrus.

We are in the ancient Kingdom of Sicily: "the land of Vespers and oranges", the scene of romantic and heroic deeds, the inspiration for novels, poems, songs and euphoric fragrances.

Gold, female, opens with all the energy of citrus fruit as Calabrian bergamot, Sicily lemon, yellow tangerine and grapefruit which catapults the imagination to the South, it emerges it in its perfumes and fullness which is completed by the orange, the cranberry and jasmine, neroli, petitgrain and artemisia of jealously guarded femininity which, entering the heart of the fragrance, gives life to a kind of reverse olfactive canon, capable of creating an unforgettable perceptive suspense which, when closing, is tamed and seduced by hints of amber, Siamese benzoin and completed with woody tones, oak musk, tree musk and patchouly.


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