Fragranza Suprema Perdizione Perfume

Nobile 1942

Get lost in pleasure.

A cool breeze and soft, perhaps a portent of the coming storm, carries the scent of Bergamot and Grapefruit. It takes us back to pleasant, untroubled times of our lives.Neroli and Orange blossoms fill the air with a bright and sensual fragrance, made warm by an intoxicating notes of ylang ylang. It is the same we scented fragrance on a summer night far, far away.

The elegant, feminine jasmine blends perfectly with the Musk. The heart jumps at the memory of That beautiful, radiant, fleeting figures. Clean, well Cedarwood, along with Vanilla - a reassuring childhood reminiscence - take us on a walk down the beach, to quest for a long lost peace of mind. 

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