Fragranza Suprema Vespri Orientale Perfume

Nobile 1942

An emotional melting pot… … with charming and magnetic personality.

From citrusy base of Vespri Esperidati, we become one in two different roles, playing and experimenting to decline the initial scent in two different personalities.

The oud, jasmine and néroli are great protagonists in Vespri Orientale, a tribute to the passion and use that in the East they have of these precious essences. By marrying them with typically Italian citrusy ingredients as bergamot, lemon of Sicily, adding yellow tangerine and grapefruit, the final result has been something like expand the horizons of a story full of fantastic elements, even more fantastic in the final tale of sandal, cedar, patchouli, tree musks, and oud again... an emotion... in one thousand and one nights style, a Mediterranean tasty night, an encounter between East and West.


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