Gentle Smile Misho Incense


In the universe of scent, few fragrances rival Shoyeido's Premium Incense blends. Made from centuries-old recipes and containing fine sandalwood, precious agarwood - or both - our Premium Incense transcends everyday incense by orders of magnitude. These are truly the fine wines of the incense world: immediately delectable out of their boxes, and increasingly rich with a bit of aging. Simply stated, Shoyeido's Premium Incenses are aromatic Nirvana.



The peace and open-heartedness of a smile inspires Misho, one of Shoyeido's most beloved creations.

  • 1 bundle of 35 sticks, 7"
  • Agarwood (aloeswood), cinnamon, clove, benzoin, camphor
  • Approx. burning time: 40 min. per stick

Please note: we are unable to ship this product outside the United States.

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