handmade Indigo Scarf

Craft Link

Ready to accessorize your favorite everyday jeans or casual work attire, this airy scarf features natural silk ends dyed a deep indigo color, with just a hint of shimmer. 75% linen/25% silk. Hand wash cold, line dry. 73in. l x 24in. w

This scarf is packaged in a handmade paper envelope from Nepal, featuring a beautiful screen printed paisley design. 

Meet the Artisans

About 10% of the population of Vietnam is comprised of ethnic hill tribe peoples. Living in rural hilly and mountainous areas, the hill tribes have little access to markets. Craft Link, a non-profit organization, works to assist small Vietnamese craft producers find market opportunities and to promote awareness of ethnic minority crafts and culture.

Craft Link also provides marketing, design, and management advice to other disadvantaged groups, like street children and people with disabilities. Craft Link is committed to the principles of fair trade, investing in artisans' social welfare and guaranteeing fair wages, worker safety, and care of the environment.

Working closely with the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi, Craft Link helps preserve traditional craft skills like the weaving and embroidery of the tribal groups, puppet making, and traditional ceramics. Craft Link's ceramics, long-time best sellers with our customers, come from Bat Trang, a small village on the Red River, which has been famous for its ceramics since the 15th century.

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