Kangaroo Twill Pants Navy - Leg Opening 32"


Step out and step it up with our signature Kangaroo wide leg pants!

You ready to rumble yet? Oh, yeah, you are. The Roo is back and ready to hit the road with you. The Kangaroo Twill Pants are a tribute to the hang-loose lifestyle of SoCal and an all-time favorite here at JNCO. Designed to sit below his waist, these twill pants offer the classic low-riding style you just can’t get over.

We've built them with a ton of baggy feel, but they still have plenty of SoCal pop and polish to make your fashion mark on the world's stage. Street, skate, rave – whatever! These pants are designed for comfort and having a good time. The ultra low back pockets come with our feisty kangaroo peeking out, and give you the perfect place to keep your stuff while you do your thing.

These baggy pants are designed with your lifestyle in mind; 100% cotton, super relaxed fit, and the signature JNCO trims you’ve come to love. Available in 32” and 34” inseam, you can get them as loose as you want and show those uptight skinny jeans wearers how you roll.

  • Super relaxed fit
  • Navy blue twill
  • Ultra low back pockets
  • Embroidered Kangaroo peeking out of right rear pocket
  • 100% Cotton
  • Signature JNCO Trims
  • Imported
  • Inseam 32" and 34" available

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sizing chart

Color: Navy

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 5 - 7 days

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