Kyara Agarwood (Aloeswood) Chips


The rarest type of agarwood, Kyara is the most expensive aromatic substance on earth.

A single gram of authentic green kyara retails for $500. A solid piece weighing a kilogram or more would be in the millions. Ounce for ounce, kyara is eighteen times more expensive than gold. Out of all things precious that are bought and sold, only the largest, most precious diamonds command a price as high as genuine kyara agarwood.

According to these figures, it is plain impossible to distill oud oil out of Kyara wood chips. No sane person would undertake such an enterprise, even if he were the richest man on earth. –
At least not knowingly.

So for the true connoisseur, we offer raw kyara agarwood (aloeswood) chips for you to experience in its purest form.

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