Les Potions Fatales Les Petites Morts Discovery Set by Parfums Quartana

Parfums Quartana

Les Potions Fatales explores the treacherous beauty and intriguing lore behind nine of the world’s most poisonous flowers. At once tantalizing and perilous, these mortal fleurs have been used to nefarious ends throughout history. Yield to their charms and surrender to a fragrant femme fatale (or homme fatale) seductive on the outside but ultimately dark, sinister, and dangerous. 

Les Potions-Fatales "Les Petites Morts" discovery packs contain all nine parfums in 2mL atomizer vials.  They are the perfect way to experience their dark seduction and ideal for travel too.

Contains 2mL atomizer vials of Venetian Belladonna, Bloodflower, Midnight Datura, Digitalis, Hemlock, Lily of the Valley, Mandrake, Poppy Soma, and Wolfsbane.

Each 2mL vial lasts approximately 1 week with normal usage.

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