Comission a Bespoke Perfume

Atelier Mindy Yang

The creation of a Signature Scent is a highly personal journey. To embark on your adventure, you are invited to commission our Founder & Olfactory Artist MINDY YΔNG to design a bespoke fragrance formula based entirely on your specifications.

With over 15 years of experience in aromatherapy and fine perfume (classical French perfumery), your bespoke potion by Mindy can feature all natural and/or a blend of natural and synthetic olfactive raw materials. 

Create your own signature perfume, a timeless luxury.

You will receive 500 mL of Eau de Parfum in an engraved bespoke flacon to house your potion, a travel atomizer, and a Certificate of Authenticity in a presentation box. A personalized formula for your fragrance will also be archived with an original scent brief, all available exclusively to you with your commission.

Learn about the process.


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