Monotheme Black Label, Black Oud


Determined and profound, Black Oud enchants at the first encounter of its audacious head note, rich in Citruses and burning Black Pepper chords. The heart is an attractive array of opposites, between the delicate nuances of Geranium and the energetic bursts of Spanish Cistus Absolute and Cloves of Madagascar. The bottom is dominated by the Oud, underpinned by the hypnotic marriage of sensuous amber notes to the elegant woody chords of Labdanum Absolute.

The perfumery art of Venice melds with the Orient in an elegant Eau de Parfum Collection: Monotheme Black Label.  Lorenzo Vidal developed this line of fragrances where rich natural essential oils masterly merge with refined essences that are inspired by the modern niche perfumes. The results are magnificent fragrances that are vivacious and pleasantly persistent on the skin.

  • EDT spray 100 ml
  • Made in Venice, Italy

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