Monotheme of Venice, White Gardenia EDT


The Gardenia flowers have always been known and admired for their outstanding fragrance, intense, rich, sweet, with its peculiar floral green note, and for their aphrodisiac virtues as well. Extremely precious - and expensive, due to the very small yield of the extraction process from fresh flowers - the Gardenia absolute is largely employed in high class perfumery, especially in the creation of oriental fragrances. In the language of flowers, Gardenia gives the message of hidden love, and it is a sign of pureness and
honesty. Its floral bouquet, extremely feminine and elegant, is refreshed by a citrus touch of bergamot and tangerine, and enveloped by a soft, woody musky accord.

These bottles evoke the English apothecary tradition of working with natural essences. By Mavive S.p.A., one of the most acclaimed perfume houses.

  • EDT spray 100 ml
  • Made in Venice, Italy

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