MyDrap Folded Cotton Napkins Bundle in Gray


Smoky and sleek, cool and classy, gray makes a real statement in the dining room and coordinates with many different table linens and place settings. When you're setting the table, these gray cloth napkins will perfectly complete your place settings and wow your guests, especially when they hear that they're using disposable napkins. The MyDrap Cotton Bundle in Gray contains 20 napkins made of 100 percent cotton. Although they feel just like ordinary lightweight cloth napkins, these handy disposables are completely biodegradable and also recyclable.


If you prefer not to throw away the napkins in the MyDrap Cotton Bundle in Gray after the first use, you can launder then in the washing machine up to six times. The napkins are 8 inches by 8 inches in size, making them equivalent to the size and shape of ordinary square paper disposables. The napkins are neatly stacked and tied with an eco-friendly raffia ribbon.


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