Nesti Dante Cream & Pearls Bar Soap

Nesti Dante

The intense accords of rosewood are interwoven with black iris for seductive notes enriched with moisturizing cream and pearl extract for a velvety smooth and sensual skin. Body care becomes a daily ritual that infuses pleasure, whilst the skin benefits from the moisturizing properties of the cream and the soothing action of the milk.

A Love For the Beauty of Nature... - 250 gr. natural bar soaps (8.8 oz.) 

The love for the beauty of nature and the benefits it offers is the inspiration for Philosophia. Five soaps are packaged in harmony with each other and feature the botanical images that form the inspiration for each. Each soap has different properties and consequently a different role to play in one’s daily skincare routine. Beautifully wrapped in colorful Florentine paper.

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