Nobile 1942 Premium Malia Perfume

Nobile 1942

The fragrance of an innocent, modern witch, a woman who seduces with a bright smile, while with a swift glance has you imagining a complex personality, deep, expert and provocative.

Malia pretends to be a child, but she draws strength from the earth to stun her prey. The Italian perfumer Antonio Alessandria choose an unusual flower, with a dual nature, for the composition: refreshing yet sweet, delicate but inebriating. He dressed it in spices and aromatic plants and gave it body with a structure that tells of a feisty female. But he also wanted it to recall that sometimes another person may simply capture us with a look that leaves in our memory the fragrance of a stupefying substance…

One of our Curator's favorites, Malia features mandarin, osmanthus, pink pepper, marjoram, vetiver, patchouli, benzoin and oak moss. Get your nose on this enchanting beauty!

Perfumer's Note

Here, then, the authentic interpretation of those who created this sweet harmony, imagining it as a love potion, charm and seduction:

"The" spell "is the mysterious ability to trap prey operating a sort of persuasion, not necessarily to work real magic. Looking at the past with rational eyes of this, no one believes that witches were really concubines of the devil in exchange for magical powers. But it is still fascinating to think that these women were really able to perform acts of magic. A woman has a thousand instruments to be seductive: clothes, accessories, makeup ... But the smell is something intangible that is able to enter silently in our nose, to operate an unconscious magic in our brain and make us imagine something that goes beyond what we see. I imagined the scent of an innocent and modern witch, a woman who seduces with a smile, and with a look is to imagine a complex personality, profound and disturbing. A woman who takes strength from the earth to stun its prey. I chose an unusual flower, the dual nature: refreshing, but sweet; Delicate, but exhilarating. I dressed with spices and aromatic plants and have given body with a structure that speaks of a strong-willed woman. But I also wanted to mention that sometimes a person can simply trap us with a look that leaves in our imagination the scent of a narcotic substance ... "

Antonio Alexandria, Maître Parfumeur

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