Nobile 1942 Premium Rudis Perfume

Nobile 1942

In ancient Rome, the “rudis” was the wooden practice sword of a gladiator, worn into the arena as a symbol of his strength and valor. Nobile 1942 brings us a full portrait of this warrior, garbed in hardened leather armor, his sword adorned with flowers for courage and luck, fortified with wine and spirits for the battle that awaits. 

Rudis opens with an opulent blend of whiskey and leather, infused with tart fruits, smoky wood, buttery saffron, and the golden sweetness of immortelle. The leather of supple calfskin is sensual with the scent of musk and warm amber. Luscious red wine and roses run with blood notes through the veins, redolent with patchouli and spice.

Unisex and surprisingly modern, Rudis is sweet and spicy, golden and creamy, smoky and earthy.


"Rudis" represented both the beginning and the ultimate goal of the life and career of a gladiator. It was a tool, but also a symbol, it did not harm, but offered relief: “I know what I am about to face: Death, blood, battle await me. But freedom is worth all this, I am nothing more than a slave, but I shall earn my new life. I will turn the tension that paralyses me into strength”.

The scent inspired by this object, therefore, had to simultaneously consider strength and gentleness, battle and freedom, life and death, virility and weakness. The representation of the sword’s wood was then countered by an accord between leather, and  rose with geranium which combined evokes metallic helmet. However, the scent had to represent this man who, contemptuous of danger, sets out to regain his life, crossing the threshold of the arena. The gladiator would drink himself into a stupor before a fight, with wine made from grape juice and fermented fruit, which we blended with bergamot, dried fruits to deliver courage. Saffron gives personality to the heart, cedarwood makes it precious, cloves put something more in the mix. The final patchouly seals the masculinity of a exhausted gladiator, employing its last effort to win. Vetiver and helicrysium makes the victory reachable, like a musky and incense-smell dream.


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