Olive Complex Tonic Lotion

Erbario Toscano

A luxurious blend of botanical waters to ensure a soothing, mineralizing and oxygenating effect. An ideal complement to the face cleansing process for a smooth and radiant complexion.

Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive. Apply daily morning and evening after using the REFRESHING CLEANSING MILK. Pour a small quantity on a cotton pad and gently apply on dry face and neck.

CYPRESS LEAF VEGETAL WATER rich in tannins plays a strong astringent and purifying action. It also contains anthocyanins which protect cell membranes, as well as improving circulation and oxygenating the skin tissues; 

OLIVE LEAF VEGETAL WATER èis particularly rich in flavonoids, hydroxy acids, sugars and tannins that topically play a crucial moisturizing, protective and toning action on capillaries, soothing and encouraging skin renewal;

VINE LEAF VEGETAL WATER rich in polyphenols which have potent antioxidant activity and protect the microcirculation;

AZULENE chamomile’s active ingredient for its powerful calming and soothing action.

  • With Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil “Toscano IGP”
  • no parabens
  • 250mL

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