Organic Turmeric and Vitamin C Cleanser

Cultivar Skin Care

Our superb Turmeric and Vitamin C organic face cleanser is absolutely perfect for all skin types and simply the best face cleanser we've ever tried. This is an entirely unique all-natural formula that feels like an oil but rinses off cleanly like a soap. Our deep cleansing formula is properly ph balanced to calm and tone while oil, dirt and debris are removed from the skin. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate the skin's oil production so pores stay cleaner and clearer with fewer breakouts. Vitamin C is one of the best, most effective ingredients to help protect and brighten the skin. Plantain Leaf is wonderful for calming irritations and helping to revitalize tired skin. Collectively, this face cleanser works to minimize redness and evens out skin tones, which leaves skin looking and feeling clean, calm, and radiant. This fantastic natural cleanser also effectively removes make-up (including mascara). Perfectly suited for men and women, we whole-heartedly recommend our Turmeric and Vitamin C face cleanser for all skin types. Unlike most other face cleansers, our cleanser does not leave skin parched because this cleanser targets the oil and dirt without damaging the skin's delicate acid mantle. This means that skin is clean, balanced and healthy. This cleanser is gentle enough for daily use (morning and night) and is the perfect foundation for any organic skin care regimen.

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