PaperlessKitchen Go PaperlessKit


When you go paperless, you'll find that cleaning in yourkitchen isn't just better for the planet; it's also much easier! That's becausetoday's paperless kitchen products are designed to help simplify specifickitchen tasks, giving you a much more versatile set of tools than an ordinaryroll of paper towels. If you're ready to go paperless, do it the simple, smartway with the Go Paperless Kit. This set includes 5 SKOY cloths,reusable paper towel alternatives that are great for cleaning counter tops andhard surfaces. SKOY cloths are created from a blend of organic cotton andcellulose, so they're green, sustainable and strong. For wet and dry cleaning,the trio of Full Circle Cellulose Cleaning Cloths in the kit can't be beat. Thecloths are biodegradable and can even be washed in the dishwasher! The TwistNatural Loofah Sponge completes the kit and gives you the scrubbing power ofreal, eco-friendly loofah to tackle tough messes on your dishes that anordinary paper towel could never handle!

Included in the PaperlessKitchen Go PaperlessKit:

  • 5 Skoy Cloths 
  • Full Circle Cellulose Cleaning Cloths - 6 pack
  • Twist Loofah Sponge

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