PaperlessKitchen Skoy Cloth



A Unique Multi-Use Cloth Perfectly Made to Protect Your Environment

A uniquely fantastic and fully absorbent SKOY cloth has made its way onto the market, perfect for all your household cleaning needs. This completely biodegradable, all-natural cloth is multi-use and re-usable, so it will not only get your house clean, it protects the environment for future generations.

European Engineering and 100% Biodegradable

The SKOY cloth is a European created product which is completely 100% biodegradable; meaning it will break down when properly composted, since it is made from naturally occurring materials like cotton and a wood-based cellulose pulp. An independent study tested how long it would take for composition to occur and saw that the SKOY cloth broke down completely within 5 weeks.

 SKOY cloths are chlorine free and the unique designs and colors are created using only water-based colors and inks. For durability, you will not find a better product and its reusability factor is attractive, considering you can keep using the same cloth for months without degradation in strength and absorption. In fact, one SKOY cloth is equal to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average house. You can be saving up to $2 per roll simply by using the SKOY cloth.

 Great for the Environment and Your Home

 SKOY is the perfect cloth for your home due to its absorption ability of 15X its own weight in liquid. If you used regular paper towels, you would need at least 15 sheets to soak up that much fluid. The cloth is washable so you are able to re-use it for months. It has a quick dry feature and does not provide a suitable environment for bacteria, unlike a sponge which can leave your dishes, counters and hands dirty and bacteria ridden. Simply, microwave your SKOY cloth regularly to kill germs and keep you and your home healthy.


SKOY is perfect for the environment too, simply by the fact that you are cutting down on the use of paper products used in your home, the cloth's durability and absorption, and because the cloth is entirely degradable. Now you can rest easy knowing not only is your home safe from bacteria, but you are protecting the Earth by keeping waste out of landfills and using a product that will compost easily. 

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