Premium Agarwood (Aloeswood) Assortment


Incense enthusiasts will relish our Rikkoku Premium Agarwood Assortment. This set's beautiful presentation contains all six classifications of exquisite and precious agarwood (also known as Jin-koh and aloeswood).

From Sumatora to highly-prized Kyara, this package contains the ultimate offering of raw agarwood. Experience these amazing natural woods with Charcoals and a Mica Plate, or with one of our Wood Chip Heaters.

  • 1 box of Premium agarwood (aloeswood) and kyara, all 6 grades
  • Sumatora (approx. .095 oz.), Sasora (approx .1 oz.), Manaka (approx. .056 oz.), Manaban (.094 oz.), Rakoku (.093 oz.), Kyara (.066 oz.)
  • Use with White Ash + Square Charcoal A or Square Charcoal B

Please note: we are unable to ship this product outside the United States.

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