Pride Of Kyoto Kyo-jiman Incense


In the universe of scent, few fragrances rival Shoyeido's Premium Incense blends. Made from centuries-old recipes and containing fine sandalwood, precious agarwood - or both - our Premium Incense transcends everyday incense by orders of magnitude. These are truly the fine wines of the incense world: immediately delectable out of their boxes, and increasingly rich with a bit of aging. Simply stated, Shoyeido's Premium Incenses are aromatic Nirvana.


The precise recipe for Pride of Kyoto dates back more than six decades, but the classic recipe upon which it is based is much older still.

Enjoy this superb offering of fine incense from beautiful Kyoto — one of humanity's great cultural centers.

  • 1 bundle of 135 sticks, 7"
  • Clove, benzoin, sandalwood
  • Approx. burning time: 40 min. per stick

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