Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey Mielbio Wildflower Organic Honey

Rigoni di Asiago

Mielbio Flowers is the classic honey millefiori of northern and central Italy. It is great with breakfast spread on bread or toast, and as a sweetener for yogurt. The taste is a cocktail of scents and flavors of the meadows. Mielbio Organic Italian Honey is organic, non-GMO, Kosher certified, and gluten free.
  • 300 gr. - 10.58 oz


Rigoni di Asiago has based its activity on producing from organic farming. The Rigoni family have specialized in organic honey since 1992. To supply honey that is both tasty and nutritious, the hives are kept far away from urban and intensively farmed areas where polluting factors would damage it. Laboratory certification tests are a further guarantee that the honey is free of any chemicals.

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