Rigoni di Asiago Organic Italian Organic Fig Spread

Rigoni di Asiago

Contains sweetly-pleasant tasting Mediterranean figs. Great with breakfast and on bread. Especially good with medium-aged cheeses.

The fig tree is native to western Asia. Introduced from the Mediterranean area, it is a plant that is very resistant to drought. In ancient Greece it was considered an unclean tree, but for others it was a tree oracle. Even the Romans ate its fruits. In particular, it was a favorite food of gladiators and athletes for its energetic qualities.

Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread is organic, non-GMO, Kosher certified, and gluten free.

  • 300 gr. - 10.58 oz


Rigoni di Asiago has based its activity on producing from organic farming. The Rigoni family have specialized in organic honey since 1992. To supply honey that is both tasty and nutritious, the hives are kept far away from urban and intensively farmed areas where polluting factors would damage it. Laboratory certification tests are a further guarantee that the honey is free of any chemicals.

Fiordifrutta fruit spreads come from organic farming. Each 8.82 ounce jar is made exclusively from over three pounds of selected organic fruit using using a patented low-temperature cooking process. Unlike most other spreads on the market, Fiordifrutta fruit contains no added sugar. Sweetening is made instead with organic wild apple juice. This exclusive recipe preserves the nutrients of the natural fruit while significantly reducing the sugar substance content (30% or more compared to other spreads) and contains 30% fewer calories than most others.

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