The Sea Candle


Most people love to spend time at the seaside. Enjoying fresh air and bathing in healing water. Our scent The Sea contains algae extracts and natural ocean minerals. It cleans, pampers and nourishes the skin. The Sea brings the best of the sea to your bathroom, including that refreshing sea breeze. 8 oz.


An intense moment of relaxation and wellness. That is what Waterl'eau wants you to enjoy in your own bathroom. It is the philosophy and drive behind their company. They created two ways to make this become a reality:

Waterl’eau’s bath line ‘Waters of the World’ brings the virtues, colors and scents of some of the most beautiful places to the bathroom. Waterl'eau also offers the Eau+ line: Three refreshing, caring fragrances based on natural, vegetable ingredients to moisturize and nourish your skin. And of course to help you feel great.

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