Toockies Hand Knit Dish Cloths - 3 Packs


Set of 3 Toockies Brand multi-purpose scrub cloths are hand knit out of certified 100% organic cotton. They are ribbed for deep scrubbing without scratching any surface be it smooth, soft or textured with amazing results. The knit pattern is perfect for

These cloths are durable and can last for years of easy use, and reuse. Toss in the wash with any color or temperature, no folding required, just stretch a little and stack. They are also dish washer safe. Even when small wholes develop over time there

Toockies brand products are biodegradable and natural organic cotton color. No chemical dyes or treatment and not chemical fibers. You will not be bringing home more chemical laden products to use on your hard surfaces or body. NO PLASTIC!!!!!!

Toockies brand scrub cloths earth friendly, socially responsible, and a part of American tradition that dates back to the early settlers. A time honored tradition shared among woman as a lovely gesture of support for generation. It is a time tested pro

Perfect for the practical person! This product is the simple solution to the expensive and time consuming practice of monthly replacing household cleaning products adding to landfills and our oceans. This one little cloth does it so much saving you time.

100% certified organic cotton, natural color, 7.5 x7.5", 3 pack

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