Tuscan Springs Eau de Parfum

Erbario Toscano

The Mediterranean maquis in bloom, hills warmed up by the sun, the first harvests of summer fruits, freshly cut grass are only some of the scents of this fragrance that unleashes the whole essence of Tuscany during Spring. Immediately one distinguishes the freshness and sparkle of the citrus fruits, the sweetness of the flowers and the aromatic hints of the field’s wilderness merging with the driest and more energetic character of the woods and the spices.

A fragrance amongst one of the lightest and most refreshing that gives a nippy feeling to the skin along with a strong vitality and energy.

Top note citrus: Lemon, Cedar, Yellow mandarin. 
Middle notes citrus, floral, aromatic, woody: Citrus mix, 
Ylang ylang, Basil, Sage, Cedarwood. 
Base notes spicy, woody: Black pepper, Cypress.

  • 50 ml (1.69 oz.) Spray 
  • Made in Tuscany, Italy

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