Ukuva iAfrica Chermoula Sauce

Ukuva iAfrica

"We arrived in Algeria at sunrise. Chilled to the bone, we sought out a bathhouse. A fellow bather in the steam-room suggested we lunch at Hamid’s Chicken House, where we ate sublimely delicious Chermoula roast goat, fresh bread and hot mint tea. With an almost toothless grin, Ali told us he does not serve chicken - the sign was cheap - he cannot read... but everyone knows he makes the best goat! "

Chermoula is a mild, fragrant sauce with a fascinating North African character: it is light, green chili and coriander with lemon - popular and deliciously versatile.

Brush onto game fish, chicken, lamb, or young goat - rest for half an hour before grilling. Serve with extra sauce.

Excellent in North African salads with bulgar wheat, parsley, tomato and cucumber.

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